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The next Loaves & Fishes Director has been hired

Noel Kammermann
I have been informed that the next Director of Loaves & Fishes has been hired. His name is Noel Kammermann.

At right is what I believe to be a fairly recent picture of Mr. Kammerman. Below the picture from linkedIn, is another picture that may be a much less-recent picture of Noel, taken from the Facebook page of a Noel Kammerman.

[Y'all know how Facebook works, don't cha? It exists to embarrass us all -- though Noel does look pretty good as a teenager or early twentysomething, ya think? Anyway, according to data at Kammermann's LinkedIn page,   his background is pretty impressive.
Noel Kammermann? Think so.
[ Not long after I found the two pictures, I found that a lot of what had been information about Mr. Kammermann got scrubbed from the Internet. Fortunately, I instantly made a print-out of Kammermann's Linked-In profile as soon as I got on the computer. ]

Kammerman's most-recent experience is a two-year, five-month position as Chief Officer of Performance Measurement at Inspirica, Inc. (Formerly, St. Luke's LifeWorks) Prior to that position at Inspirica, Kammermann was the Chief Program Officer for four years and nine months. Kammerman is 38 years old and was an athlete in his college days. He played soccer for four years and was at one point the team captain.

You know how we often get a NEW leader that is in very many ways the exact opposite of his/her predecessor? You know, like how Obama was a world-of-wonders superior to his predecessor, Dubya Bush? I think that just knowing that Kammerman is very focussed on and experienced with "performance measurement" says a lot. He is -- hurrah! -- the opposite of Libby!!

Libby had her head in the clouds so far as getting the most out of what money was donated. She wasted a ton of money on all that she spend on New Friendship Park. And it was absurd that she raised (or, tried to raise) 200 grand for her Death Wall.

Also, Libby was known by staff and volunteers as someone living in an Ivory Tower. She didn't want staff members to tell her anything about what all was going on at Loaves. As many know, both Tim and Jim -- each a 15-yr employee -- were near-instantly fired for the effrontery of trying to inform Libby about something they each thought was important going on at the Loaf&Fish Compound.

Yes, Libby is "information averse" Like Donald Trump.

Congrats on your new job, Mr. Kammermann. Hope you're good at your new job and that you stick around for a long, long time.

The thing that Libby was good at was bringing in donations. Unless I'm mistaken, the reason that Libby became Director of Loaf & Fish was in significant part because her predecessor was NOT good at bringing in the moolah. Indeed, there was a point in time when Lib's predecessor ran out of funds and contemplated (or, actually DID) close the facility for a week or more due to the matter of lack of funds. It was a bit before my time as a ragged man, but I think it is perhaps the case that even the kitchen may have been closed, putting homeless folk of the time in dire straits.

While Libby's money-raising skills are thought to be impressive by many, my take on what she did was mischaracterize homeless people, most often presenting them as feeble fools. Her depictions were maudlin and mawkish -- when, indeed, homeless people run the gamut from being innocent people in deep depressive states, to psychopaths, to wholesome and clear-thinking robust citizens. Each Sacramento homeless person has a doppelgänger hidden away somewhere in Sacramento. Thus, homeless folk are, in aggregate, no different that any other crowd of Sacramentans.


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