Monday, May 22, 2017

The desperate Bee's bullshit story about homeless people at Central branch

I think the Bee has determined that the only way that it might survive terrible financial decisions it has made in recent years is to go full-bore elitist, throwing its weight – its light weight – in with Piglet, the Arena, and making the public fund the Kings.

The New York Times and the Washington Post are spectacularly far beyond the Bee’s reach as bastions of Great Journalism, so the little buzzing Bee has determined that attacking homeless people is a good tactic to aid it in staying marginally relevant to people’s lives.

First World News Channel has picked up the Bee’s recent story “Homeless are Central Library’s most frequent patrons – but not for the books.” That title – the same one the Bee used – is a double-whammy false-information headline. For starters, it’s not based on any assembled evidence that homeless people are using the bathrooms at the Sacramento Public Library’s Central branch to any notable huge degree. It’s not Fake News, but it is Faked News by the irresponsible Bee reporter A. Chabria (and her headline writer and some dysfunctional editor, if there was one).

I am frequently at the Central branch; I, most often, write my blog from there. I think I can fully accurately report that homeless people, just like branch managers and Library Directors and Joyce Terhaar, go to the bathroom at a number of instances that comports with the felt need to go to the bathroom – no more, no less.

As for the homeless opening books, I have written in the past about homeless people recommending novels or genres of books to their friends. Science Fiction and fantasy books have spent months being popular among homeless readers. I forget many of the authors, but some of the guys were trading popular war novels back and forth with their friends. Can’t say I know much about what female homeless people read. Some of the guys have spent months reading Western novels. There are times when I was heavily into short stories, reading everything I could written by T.C. Boyle and a contemporary of Boyle’s whose name I forget.

The homeless, likely more-so than any other group, are into reading magazines and newspapers the library provides. There are guys that devour science magazines to learn more about curious animals and our ever-expanding knowledge about outerspace.

And in the current day, there are some of us who use the mags, papers and internet to stay abreast of the latest Trump horror stories.

A couple days after the Bee’s bullshit story broke, I talked to several librarians on Central branch’s third floor. One was timid to say much of anything; I can’t attribute this, exactly, but my sense of what the person was saying was that it was not fully safe for librarians to say much about news stories. The Library’s leaders were covetous of having that task. Another of the librarians, was mildly aware of bathroom noise, at times, and said he/she very much enjoyed his/her work – very much including his/her always positive interactions with homeless people.

There was more in the story about human feces left in the parameter of the Central branch building. This happens because homeless people have no place to be -- and, yet they still have the need to vacate their bowels when there is no appropriate place for doing that in the dark of night, with every business being closed and unwelcoming.


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