Monday, May 1, 2017

Impressed by the way you treat other human beings

I think that people would be right to say that I do not treat other people very well, oft-times. And, very often I stir up trouble -- quite intentionally -- in this blog with a hope that any safe and timid field of discussion is blown away by a hurricane.

But I am very, very aware of a select category of things. And somewhat pride myself on this: I don't sit in judgment of people's pasts.

I have learned over the years that many homeless people have had trouble with the law. I leave it to the Courts to do what they will to -- hopefully, properly -- punish them for crimes. It is not my job to punish anyone further -- or, even know much about -- what bad stuff has occurred in people's pasts.

As far as the content of this blog is concerned, however, many will notice that I do give charity directors and politicians a hard time. Many deserve much worse than just a hard time since there are more than a few politicians and charity administrators who do far less than they should to ameliorate the troubled lives of homeless people.

Many charity people and politicians spend an enormous portion of their time congratulating each other on what fine people they all are and all the good they think they are doing treating homeless people like stupid kindergarten students.

Long-time readers of this blog -- and its forerunners, including the blog Homeless Tom -- will know that I think that Libby Fernandez has been a failure as Director at the important charity Loaves & Fishes. But, I do -- as they say -- "wish her well in all her future endeavors."

I snagged the following quote from my friend Craig -- a truly excellent fellow. Craig lives up to the sentiment, below. Compared to him, I am a piker -- but I strive to do better.


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