Friday, November 4, 2016

Johnson skates, Thompson suffers!?

A piece about homeless-rights advocate Sean Thompson and his legal situation after the now infamous pie-hurling incident is in the Bee today.

To my mind, and likely that of most others’, the confrontation, where Johnson got pie and Thompson got a punch in the eye, should amount to a wash. Thompson got the worst of what happened at the school, so, Why not have the two guys shake hands and call matters even-Steven?

Consider the many levels of how unjust it would be for Thompson to get tagged with a felony, and spend some portion of a year in jail, while Johnson, Sacramento’s absent mayor, skates away unfazed.

Johnson is currently not earning the money he takes home as mayor. If the city council had proper respect for the citizens of the city, and the money that comes to the city from these citizens, through taxes of various kinds, they would impeach and convict Johnson and boot his lazy ass out of City Hall.

Johnson has been a catastrophe as mayor on many levels. Something like half the “work” he has done as mayor has been promoting himself and using assistants as laborers for Johnson’s advancement nationwide.

As of now, certainly, Johnson has disgraced himself on the local AND national stage. He has NO political future. But, since he greatly aided Kings’ ownership in stuffing hundreds of millions of dollars in their pockets, his future is secured. I would guess that Johnson will get some cushy job with the Kings or the NBA or somewhere, paying $10,000,000/yr.

Now, sure, Johnson won’t have the job for long, but he will pocket millions for three years or so before fully disappearing from public view.

The most-major reason that the Thompson-Johnson situation is a great injustice – even, just, as matters stand right now – is that Johnson has a history of just buying the silence of young females whom he’s sexually accosted. He avoids the scrutiny of the Justice Department, altogether, wholly because he is rich.

Thompson is homeless. He is dirt poor. The “justice” of an unjust legal system lands with full force on his head. It is an outrage. It is disgusting. It is unfair – un-just – to a spectacular degree.

It is known that pedophiles – men who force sex upon children – often have fifty to one-hundred episodes of forced sexual encounters that go unreported. These encounters are unreported because the violated girl (or boy) or a parent doesn’t want the child to endure the humiliation of a court trial on top of the humiliation of the episode when the child was abused.

According to the yellodyno website:
Pedophiles have a strong, almost irresistible, desire to have sex with children. The average pedophile molests 260 victims during his/her lifetime. Over 90% of convicted pedophiles are arrested again for the same offense after their release from prison.
There is no reason to suppose that Johnson or anyone else in Sacramento has abused a child that hasn’t come to the attention of the District Attorney’s office.  But we all should be aware that the problem of sexual abuse of children is, generally speaking, a much, much more-serious and -traumatizing problem than what the public perceives.


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