Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Community Meal at Trinity Cathedral

Written by Tom Armstrong 
Nov. 16, 2016

This evening I went to one of the Community Meals that Trinity Cathedral has on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 5th (if there is a fifth) Wednesday of every month.

A line forms for the meal at Trinity Cathedral.
[Click photo to enlarge.]
It has been a long time since I last went to one of the church’s evening meals. It’s been, perhaps, a couple years since I last went. And a year before that was the second-most-recent time that I dined with the guys at Trinity.

Tonight, there was just one homeless guy that I knew in the large room that serves as the dining hall, but I recognized about a half-dozen others – men and women – whose faces were mildly familiar.

The meal for the evening involved traditional breakfast items: Scrambled eggs; cut up hot potatoes with veggies; sausages; small bread buns with butter and jelly; and fruit cups. For desert there was strawberry cake.

It was all very tasty and quite pleasant.

I wanted to post a picture of what all
all I had to eat, but I forgot to take
 the photo until I was halfway
through my meal.
I took a rough census of the gender make-up of the homeless crowd, counting nine women and twenty-eight men. I’m told there is a higher percentage of solo women in the Sacramento homeless population (and in the LosAngeles homeless population and in the San Francisco homeless population) than there has been in previous years. My head count was too small to be meaningful, but would seem to confirm the female increase.

The Trinity Church volunteers and staff were all very kind; very nice; and fully appropriate in how they conducted themselves while performing their duties. Hooray staff and volunteers; you rock!

A good time was had by all of us stomach-filling guests at the meal!


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