Saturday, July 16, 2016

Yuba County creates tiny-houses village for homeless people

An article in the Sacramento Bee today, "Yuba County creates 'tiny homes' for some of its homeless population" tells us that Yuba County is near completion in constructing a tiny-houses village for some forty homeless residents that is set to have 20 enhanced-Tuff-Shed units.
Yuba County  [in pink] is due north of Sacramento.

A video of the construction suggests that a lot of what Yuba County and Habitat for the Humanities are doing, in collaboration, is quite clever.

Still, the units are very spare in what comfort they can provide. Each unit is 8 1/2 feet by 14 feet, we are told.

Bee reporter Ed Fletcher tells us,  "The units have no plumbing or electricity but there are portable lavatories on-site. The nearby Twin Cities Rescue Center will offer meals and showers. Residents will be allowed to keep one dog with them. While shade and seating are in short supply within the fenced-in complex, each unit has a plot of 32 square feet of artificial grass."

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The houses will provide temporary housing in advance of people eventually moving to proper, permanent housing, with aid then being given to them to get "jobs, health care and other services."


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