Thursday, April 7, 2016

WTF!? A $100,000 toilet for homeless people!!??

It is a little-known fact that the eight non-mayor members of the Sacramento City Council all grew up together in The Hamptons, an area with spectacular homes on the East End of Long Island in New York. As children, the eight lost all sense of the value of money since each had his or her own personal attendant to tend to every one of his/her needs. The children were without a care, spending most of their time training for the Special Olympics.

Whenever one of the children had a bowel movement, the personal attendant would take care to clean the child, and would finish things up by spraying the child’s nether regions with jasmine perfume.

It is only from knowing about the spoiled lives that the eight council people had, that there is any explanation why THEY WOULD VOTE UNANIMOUSLY TO SPEND $100,000 – THE PRICE OF A NICE SMALL HOUSE – TO RENT A TOILET FOR SIX MONTHS TO SERVICE HOMELESS PEOPLE.

Let us for an idle moment consider just how much $100,000 is. Over the course of six months, $100,000 is more than $137/day. For $137 per day, you could get a very nice upscale hotel room with a fancy bathroom, rather than just some outhouse on the back of a truck.

In the KCRA report on this matter, the idea was to set up the outhouse, known as the travelling Pit Stop, in the vicinity of Loaves & Fishes. Why not just rent a couple of Loaves & Fishes’ many bathrooms every night for use by homeless people camping out nearby? Ten dollars per night should be more than ample to pay L&F for the rental. And, if you wanted to make things Hamptons spiffy, you could pay a homeless attendant minimum wage to look after matters – TP, paper towels, blasts of jasmine perfume – such to keep all things copacetic.

Some readers may be wondering why anyone would object to spending $100,000 on the city council’s assinine six-month travelling Pit Stop. After all, the council gave a billionaire something like $400 million not long ago and he’s only one person. [Sure, the billionaire is going to have to pay Mayor Johnson back for the corruption thing by giving Kevin a job paying 10 or 15 million a year for the rest of his life, but, still, the billionaire is coming out WAY, WAY ahead. Rich as Midas.]

The Solution we must set our eyes on is this: Housing First. “Housing First” is this wonderful concept, that has proved itself repeatedly in the US, that functions in the following manner:
In order for the city and county to save a massive amount of money that will pay for the restoration of homeless people's lives begins by CEASING WASTING TAXPAYERS’ MONEY ON “LOOKING AFTER” HOMELESS PEOPLE AS IF THEY NEED NANNIES, AND POLICEMEN HARRASSING THEM, AND INSTEAD DIRECT THE FUNDS TOWARD HOUSING. “Housing First” is, truly, a bit of a miracle. It’s money falling out of the sky. But to reap the benefits, you have to play the game. Put homeless people in housing and they begin to have ordinary lives. They don’t poop on the street and a great many put aside all the brain-altering substances they used on the street to keep them from going mad. “Housing First” is salvific if done right. It gives people lives and a pathway back to being productive citizens. Once homeless people are transformed into folks that 'have a life,' expenditures by police to 'move' people around, or clean up after them or take care of them in jail diminishes rather spectacularly. Plus there is money left over for the city and county to spend on their next knuckle-headed idea that has nothing whatsoever to do with homeless people.
Sacramento is, right now, a FAILED HOUSING FIRST metropolis. It CREATES homeless people. Manufactures them by the dozen every day. The politicians mix a little gloom with a little doom and VOILA! You have enough misery for a Dickens novel.

Let us get off this merry-go-round, or stop reading this novel, or doing whatever on whatever metaphor I’m using at this moment, and GET ON THE HOUSING-FIRST MONEY TRAIN!! “ALL ABOARD!”

And, finally, here's a link to some very important information about Housing First and sobriety. "Housing First ... and sobriety will follow."


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