Thursday, October 1, 2015

Another in a long tradition of SNR articles about homeless people without any homeless people in it

SNR 10/1/15 cover:
Snarky Jesus with a sneer
Following in its long tradition of writing about Sacramento’s homeless folk without ever talking to Sacramento’s homeless folk, the Sacramento News & Review – this week with publisher Jeff vonKaenel stepping in as writer -- asks a bunch of church leaders what Jesus would say about poverty or homelessness in Sacramento, today.

The responses are effectively pleas for donations from Bishop Jaime Soto; Rev. Jason Bense; Pastor Greg Alderman, yadda, yadda. Everybody says something to the effect of “We’re not doing enough.” Or “Jesus would be heartbroken.” For each of the seven people VonKaenel spoke with an address and website is given. [Thus to aid in sending donations, no doubt.] And the last fellow in the piece is able to wedge in the title of a book he just wrote.

snr masturbatory phone-call ads
The article lures readers to open – not their hearts – but their wallets. There is more of a come-on from the preachers in the four-page article than there is in an equivalent number of pages of the publication’s masturbatory phonecall ads.

Since Jesus is a FICTIONAL CHARACTER concocted in the 2nd Century to control people, I cannot see that there is any importance in what a bunch of preachers and a rabbi and a bishop think He might think. Stephen King would have a better idea of THAT.

The only thing I wanted to know after reading the piece is if there is a link to a KickStarter site to help readers fund Jeff vonKaenel to pay Jeff vonKaenel for writing the article.


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