Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Painter near the Central Library

It was nice to see a painter planted at the northeast corner of 8th Street and J, downtown Sacramento, this morning working on his picture of the intersection. He is on the block where the Central [i.e., main] branch of the Sacramento Public Library is located.

This is the first picture of him that I took -- sneaking up on him from behind. [You may click each photo to enlarge it.]

Here I am much closer as the artist inspects the scene in hope of bringing life to his artwork.

You would -- and even I would  -- think that at this point I had a responsibility to ask permission of the artist to photograph him. But to hell with that! I didn't want to be denied capturing these moments!

At this point I can smell the oil paint, and hear the painter breathe. I was wondering, as I stood close behind him, what he had seen in the sky. I passed by around 10:15am. The sky then seemed to me to be a consistent shade of blue. The artist was bringing some feeling -- abstraction? -- to his work.

My last thought was one of envy. I wish I had the talent to create something excellent on canvas.

And here, folks, is the final product:

I learned almost exactly a year after sneaking around to see the painter's frame, that the fellow was Andrew Paterson-Tutschka.
And finally, folks, a link to the aritist's website (Don't miss this!) "Andrew Patterson-Tutschka Paintings" [Click on photos to enlarge.]


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