Thursday, January 15, 2015

I should 'do better,' too.

In late response (of a sort) to the Sacramento News & Review's resolve 'to do better,' I think I should 'do better,' too.

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I would want to live up to Jim Lehrer's Rules of Journalism (See "NEWS HOUR" graphic, at right. Click to enlarge.), but I know being all that responsible would be irresponsible, for me. It is necessary in writing this blog that I not quote homeless people except in rare instances and with their permission. This is so since many of the homeless-services charities are ruthless in denying services to those who say anything negative about them that becomes public knowledge. It affects donations.

Another reason why quoting homeless folk is difficult is because for most "being homeless" isn't 'who they are.' Many have hopes and plans for a better life and a part of that hoped-for better life is to be in a circumstance where 'having been homeless' is not how they are perceived by prospective employers and new-found friends.

I get that. The damning, often-hateful prejudiced perspectives of the public are a 'must to avoid' if you are determined to place yourself in 'a life more ordinary.'

So, anyway, at points along the way, I will amend the Lehrer Rules as they apply to me in the writing of this blog, but I hope to retain as much of it all as I can, But, I am sure getting rid of my snarl will be difficult. Will see.


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