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Should Safe Ground try Glamping?

Perhaps instead of putting up permanent-ish cabins, Safe Ground should initially host a TENT community. But, instead of a rugged atmosphere, which is typical for such a thing, they could make it a bit upscale.

In Indianapolis, prior to the big race -- the Indianapolis 500 -- that takes place there each year, extreme fans gather and go "Glamping" for a period of four days. "Glamping" is a portmanteau word that combines the ideas of 'glamour' and 'camping.'  Perhaps the Safe Grounders should do something similar but with a few less indulgences. For example, it would probably be best if they nixed the idea of having actual beds and readily available beer on the grounds.

This is how I figure it might work to save money: The tents -- say, ten of 'em -- and other stuff, too, could be purchased from Indianapolis. The Sacramento Safe Ground Community could thrive for eleven months of the year, from June through April, and when the next June comes around buy ten more big tents and other stuff from Indianapolis.


Rick Eaton said…
Or, they could print a few...
DAMN those Chinese. They steal OUR space-age manufacturing techniques! But, hell yes. Let us bring the Chinese over here to build a bunch of roomy homes for Safe Ground. No means should go unexploited in an effort to bring luxurious accommodations for our Safe Ground brothers and sisters.

Besides, we can use the homes to lure you back to Sacramento, Rick. C'mon, Rick. You KNOW you want to come back. We'll throw in a comfortable couch and a slightly used refrigerator.
Rick Eaton said…
Just print a couch & fridge. What's this Sacramento you speak of?
Oh no. You've quickly re-adapted to being Richie Rich and so you now see us of the rabble caste as being cockroach-like. As you learned in the chapel, but may now have forgotten, Jesus loved us losers best of all! Come back to Sacramento before it's too late, Sinner, to live on God's bountiful dirt!

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