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Charlie's Angels They Ain't

Poster from the first season, in 1976,
of "Charlies Angels"
I am told that recently the three top woman in charge at Loaves & Fishes were called by Sacramento’s playful mayor “Charlie’s Angels.”

It’s a weird allusion since the old women at Loaves are an aggregate 130 years and 200 pounds beyond the TV show Charlie’s Angels who fought crime as private detectives in the late 70s, with their draw coming from sexy good looks and great hair (for their time).

It is also a weird allusion since the real – albeit from fiction – angels were, in the episodes of their TV show, on the side of “the good.” Contrariwise, the three women at Loaves are moral ciphers.

An example of lacking-in-goodness of the L&F Threesome came in over the Internet today.  Loaves & Fishes sent out a distress call for donations of water to do nothing short of save the lives of homeless people.

While I certainly salute the idea of passing out water to folks during the severe heatwave our area is suffering from, I know that Loaves & Fishes receives something in the area of $4,500,000/year in donations.  I also know that in the last few years they have excessive funds such that they built deluxe new office space for senior administrators in their so-called Welcoming Center which cost something short of two-million dollars.  I also know that very recently they had the excess scratch to buy more property just north of the Welcoming Center.

Panicky distress alert sent by Loaves & Fishes to those on its
chump list of prior providers of cash and other donations.
The question, then, that comes to my mind is:  Why doesn't freaking Loaves & Fishes just freaking buy a whole whale-tank of water?  I mean, WTF?

After following the tactics of Loaves trio for some five years, I know the answer to my query.  They do what they often do: Create fake urgency in order to con the public into sending them money.

No mistake, there is a potential crisis.  Penniless or old homeless folk, of which there are many, are subject to passing out on the sidewalk and going unaided in the extreme heat in our area.  But Loaves can buy the water NOW with the font of donations they receive all the time sent to meet exactly this kind of need.

Click on this and other pics in this post to enlarge.
But, leadership at Loaves, in its administration and on its Board, is Glauconian, believing in self-interest, only, and never having respect for the sacrifices of the public to keep the charity going.  By being Glauconian [having no morality to inhibit them] they seek to keep the charity humming, not in striving for the well being of homeless people.  If homeless people get any help from Loaves, it's an unintended byproduct of the direct goal of gettin' them bucks.

And, finally, showing their inability to ever do the right thing for the right reason (There is always a "wrong" for The Three in there somewhere.), here is L&F's "You + Water = Life" video.  In other words, if YOU -- the gullible donor -- doesn't fork over the cash or lots of bottles of water, L&F will be forced to stand by idle while homeless people DIE! DIE! DIE!

Other posts about Loaves & Fishes conjobs to extract donations are here: "Loaves & Fishes' One-Forty-Two Con Job"; and here "Vile Loaves & Fishes Con the Public effort"; and here


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