Monday, November 19, 2012

Al Franken's SUPPLY-SIDE JESUS -- an animated comic strip

I fear that some readers of this blog will see this viddie as an act of blaspheme. But, if you view the whole of it, I think it saves itself at the end, and that the message -- that there is something awry with the combination of conservative economics and conservative theology -- is valid.

I am IN NO WAY meaning to impugn the Union Gospel Mission and its good work by posting the video. The mission DOES NOT turn its back on people in need; it very much helps people.

But it seems to me that many conservative Christians who are also conservative politically are at cross (no pun intended) purposes. This would include several of the groups that come to the mission to preach. [During the worship portion of one group's services, on the evening after Ann Romney (I think it was) talked about "the country needing to be lifted up" during the Republican Convention, the worship leader spoke similarly and then led the congregation in singing "God Bless American."  Conservative politics wends its way into several services each month at UGM.  But, more so, I am sure, liberal politics is a subject, albeit indirect, when Dean Baker speaks at Trinity Episcopal.  Odd how God can become a political 'pull toy.']

A fully libertarian view of how society should operate is not consistent with Jesus' mostly-liberal message of compassion.

Human beings are BOTH individuals who need freedom to act as authors of their own lives AND pack animals who can mature and thrive only when in the company of others and when identifying with others such to be able to feel the burden of others' troubles.

The twisted politics of Loaves & Fishes and associated charities sees humans as being exclusively pack animals -- thus their politics, linked to the League of Revolutionaries for a New America.

Ayn Randists, like recent VP candidate Paul Ryan, are attracted to the idea (which is also the title of one of Rand's books) of "The Virtue of Selfishness." This every-man/woman-for-him/herself-ideal may sound particularly good to someone with a lot of drive and skills, but it leads to a lonely life [Who likes selfish, full-of-themselves people?] and the ruination of society.


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