Sunday, October 21, 2012

STRIKE!: Part II of the Loaves & Fishes bowling saga

A snip from the homepage at the Country Club Lanes website.
Word is that there WAS NOT a disinformation campaign. The staff of Loaves & Fishes [formerly, often known as Loafs & Gone Fishing; now to be known as Loafs & Gone Bowling] truly did take a paid day off to goof off and go bowling on a day that left homeless people facing three days in a row without showers and when all the libraries were closed making 'somewhere to be' difficult for many.

A little bird tells me that the L&F staff turned up en masse at Country Club Lanes to try to knock down pins such to do, symbolically, what horrors it wants to do to innocent homeless people every occasional day when that staff bothers to show up for work.

What is known is that the staff bowled, with teams facing off against other teams (determined by departments). It is not known how many pitchers of icy cold Schlitz were consumed during the ball-throwing shenanigans. ["None" is the betting favorite.] Or what department won the event or why anybody would give a damn.

I am told that the reason for the event was that members of the staff get bleary-eyed and depressed during this time of year because of the stress of dealing with the homeless. They'd rather be sticking sardines in cans, but they are stuck -- STUCK, I say -- in their miserable jobs dealing with dirty and disorderly homeless people who bother them with requests -- instead of just going away.

Thus, it was the proles on the staff that made the urgent request for a day away from the drudgery of work (but NOT for a day away from the duty of expecting pay). The Exalted Leader in the brand-spanking new Kremlin building down the road, thinking all that work for her are simple Midwestern folks, determined that BOWLING was the thing to do since the Sac City Rollers didn't have a game until Saturday and they were 290 days too early for the next Star Trek convention.

I'm reminded of Major Clipton's words at the end of Bridge Over the River Kwai: "Madness! Madness!"

See also part one of this series of reports: "Loaves & Fishes is in the gutter."


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