Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Loaves & Fishes is in the gutter.


When I heard that, I had to give as a high order of possibility that The Loaf and The Fish was putting out a disinformation campaign. "Bowling?"

Notices were put up with only a few days' advance word to needful park denizens: Friendship Park, Men's Wash House and many Women's services will be unavailable on Friday.

Why? Loaves & Fishes is planning a bit of paid loafing on that day. Word is that "the staff gets stressed this time of year" and they greatly need to pull a Ferris Bueller. Since the usual deep-meditation facilities [aka, retreats] where they might frolic with the wild turkeys and scrub jays, and talk about God with each other, were booked for Friday, the decision was made to take out their aggressions knocking over pins at one of our area's bowling alleys.

My question is The staff gets stressed over what?  I don't think that there is anybody on the Loaves & Fishes' staff that leaves work with anything he or she has to think about or worry about. Theirs is a "show up in the morning, go home in the early afternoon" kind of job. Ho hum. Kindergarten teachers have more to worry about.  The greeter at Walmart is under more pressure. L'il Abner, who was a comic-strip character who worked as a mattress tester, had more concerns.

But the big deal here is that, per usual with Loaves & Fishes, they take their away days at times that are particularly bad for homeless people. This Friday, the libraries will all be closed.  The libraries are taking a staff furlough day.  Library personnel is taking a NO PAY day off, whereas Loaves & Fishes' personnel is getting paid to goof off, with L&F picking up the tab for the lane and shoe rental and, maybe, many frosty pitchers of ice-cold Schlitz.

On October 19, the park will be closed to homeless people and libraries won't be an alternative place to put oneself and do something useful. Too, closing on Friday means that many men will not be able to get clean with a shower for three days in a row.  I don't know what the repercussions are for solo women.

It is just a lousy, selfish, inconvenient and typical thing for Loaves & Fishes to do.

If only we were in a Better World where the people helping the homeless saw their role as one they were greatly fortunate to have.  But, there will be none of that at the stinting Organization of the Grinch on North C Street. Woe.

I have a wish: May all the staffers' thrown balls join them in the gutter this Friday.
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