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Today is a day of crisis. The Bee has flipped out.

The Sept 9, 2012, issue of the Sacramento Bee with its headline " 'Drive-by' homeless aid angers business owners, residents."
I hope to report fully on the Bee flip out tomorrow, when I should have ample time to do so.  But let it be said that a headline item in today's Bee, "Drive-by homeless aid angers business owners, residents" and, especially, a Marcos Breton editorial inside the paper, "Stench of hypocrisy surrounds homeless issue in Sacramento" are unacceptable, homeless-hate-baiting items that need a severe response.

With regard to the Bee's homelessness reporting before this, the paper was already in the toilet with hatefulness coming from associate editor Ginger Rutland and the editorial board.  But now the Bee is making a very direct effort at promulgating hatred toward the homeless. The Breton editorial is well beyond the pale, trying to engender a violent response to a situation where homeless campers are merely trying to survive.

The Breton editorial ends with this bizarre sentiment:
What is it going to take for authorities to take action [against the homeless]? When I was on the parkway, I could imagine unspeakable things happening in remote areas where no one would hear the screams of, say, an abducted child.

It's only a matter of time.
If Mr. Breton is concerned about possible violent behavior forthcoming from any particular individual, he should make his specific non-imaginary concerns known to the police. If there is something evidence-based (as opposed to just something crafted in his head), then, certainly, he should do something to prompt the prevention of violence.

But, rather obviously, Mr. Breton is stoking flames of hate by dreaming things up.  The danger that is afoot is him.

I submit that the publisher of the Bee must put Mr. Breton on a leave of absence immediately such that an evaluation of what all is happening at the Bee can be conducted, preferable by outside parties. I submit that Mr. Breton has become Sacramento's own version of Lt. Pike. He has taken a bridge too far, at the very least. His conduct as an opinion writer is deleterious to the well being of the community.

The headline article in the Bee on Good Samaritans feeding the homeless is, too, fully bizarre.  It is outrageous that in these difficult days a Bee reporter would take old threads of complaint from a very few business owners and residents in the proximity of Loaves & Fishes and manufacture an attack on suffering homeless people.  The "problem" that the reporter identifies can be remedied by just a trash barrel properly placed. The homeless community, itself, can make sure that there is less improperly-disposed-of trash, noise and bother

Some of the homeless people that great good citizens feed are truly saved by the food that come from mostly Christian people DOING PRECISELY THAT WHICH THE BIBLE INSTRUCTS.  It would be a violation of religious freedom for the independent feedings to be disrupted or regulated or put under the auspices of the totalitarian administraitors of Loaves & Fishes.

The cold season is coming all too soon.  This is no time for the nonsense of those with a stick up their rear ends adding heaps of misery to already quite miserable homeless people.  Stop it!


Well written and so true. These articles by the Sac Bee are prone to produce hate crimes against the homeless. If there is anything in our blog you feel will help please feel free to use it, and keep up the good fight !
city said…
thanks for sharing.

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