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Vile Loaves & Fishes' con-the-public effort in their July newsletter

The always-vile Loaves & Fishes Administration is unflagging in being their contemptuous-weasels selves.

Their latest newsletter plucks heartstrings in its effort to get into citizens’ wallets while the scumdogs that run Loaves & Fishes are baldface hypocrites -- certain to be swept away one day to the lower reaches of fiery Hell [That is, if there is such a place as Hell. I’m Buddhist and dubious, but hopeful.]

Highlights from the lead article in their July Newsletter are as follows [You can read the whole thing, yourself, here or here]:
Sacramento is a brutal place to be homeless in the summer. The temperature soars well past 100 degrees on day after day. Our guests walk long distances on hot pavements to get to shelters, to hidden nooks and crannies where they can bed down for the night, to doctor’s appointments or to Social Security and employment offices. For those who must live outside, there’s no respite from the soaring temperatures. Spirits flag and tempers erupt under the oppressive heat.

[And, there is this embolded paragraph near the end of their message where, in their snakey way they reach into purses and wallets.]

We need your help to keep our doors open through the summer. We are very, very worried because donations have been down so far this year. We know that we are all sobered by Sacramento’s continuing recession, but, on behalf of our guests, we beg you to help if you are in a position to do so.
Your generosity has always sustained us. We neither seek nor accept any government funding, but instead rely upon the “bank of faith,” your individual decision to help “the least amongst us.”
Click picture to enlarge
Last year, on July 4, 2011, the temperature in Sacramento reached into the 100s I was told -- and weather records confirm it. See graph at right, taken from the internet.

Of course, July 4, 2011, was a holiday and the need for Friendship Park to be open was great. Other businesses were closed for the holiday, leaving homeless people stuck, having nothing to do; no place to put their physical selves. Though the staff was in place and the promise was that the park would be open, it was closed at whim shortly after the beginning of the day.

The violin playing by Loaves & Fishes to steal Sacramento citizens' money is abhorrent. It is contemptuous and the height of hypocrisy by some of the worst human beings that ever took a breath. A year ago, it was perfectly fine, from the comfortable perspective of L&F Administraitors sucking on pina coladas, to leave the homeless roasting in the heat.

But today, with similar circumstances, they whip out the violins to get money for THEIR coffers to do who-knows-what? Add another building to their empire? Give the staff membership to a spa or a vacation in Palm Springs? Or send Libby to play around, again, in Washington DC? For THESE WEASELS to call the homeless "the least amongst us" is laughable. The Admistraitors of Loaves & Fishes are, certainly, the least honorable, least truthful, least honest, least respectful, least caring, least aware and most communist people in all of Sacramento. If you want to help the "the least amongst us," paying for the Administraitors at Loaves & Fishes to get psychiatric help is, perhaps, something citizens could and should do.

But DON'T give 'em money. They don't use it responsibly. They're addicted to Empire Building.

Note at the end of the quote up-top in this post they brag about not seeking or accepting government funding. This is true. They don't want the government to be aware of their failures to meet minimal nutritional and safety guidelines. But, for all the buildings they have in their 'compound,' they do not refuse the exemption to having to pay property tax they get as a 501(c) charity. Like Romney, they exploit every rule and then use Orwellian double-speak to misdirect the public.


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