Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Show Me your wounds

Words of an African bishop:
When I stand at last before the face of God, God will say to me, “Show Me your wounds." And if I say I have no wounds, God will ask, “Was there nothing worth fighting for?”
from N. Pelosi via J. Granholm from a The War Room podcast
Allan Boesak
Update: Pelosi's source can have been a New Zealand publication, livingtheword. In its April 10, 2012, newsletter we are told this:
The famous South African civil rights proponent Allan Boesak once stated that Jesus, at the pearly gates, won’t question us about how well we carried out our religious obligations. He’ll only ask us to show our wounds, the wounds that are the outward sign we’ve spent our lives imitating him. What if the only question Jesus asked on entry to heaven was: ‘show me your wounds’?


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