Friday, May 4, 2012

The Greatest, Most-Inspiring Humanitarian That Ever Lived

Because he cherished the goodness in others, a man scoured the planet looking for the greatest humanitarian who ever lived.

When this man was told that the person he sought had already died and gone to heaven, he made a trip to the Pearly Gates to look for him. Saint Peter pointed him out. He was a regular-looking Joe.

Mark Twain
“That isn’t the greatest of all humanitarians,” said the man. “I knew him when he lived on earth and he was a drunken homeless man whom I often chased away from my storefront where he slept.”

“I know that,” said Saint Peter, “but had he been treated just a little different he would most certainly have been the greatest, most-inspiring humanitarian that ever lived. And had you treated him differently, you'd have been the good person you seek in others.”

[Adapted from a story by Sacramento Union reporter Mark Twain.]


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