Thursday, June 16, 2011

Woe, the irony. Mohanna hopes to create the shelter that L&F wouldn't.

The 10 zillion dollar warehouse.
It's so macabre, it would be funny if it wasn't tragic.

Loaves & Fishes abandoned the warehouse that it rented that was smack dab in the middle of the Loaves & Fishes Mall and Homeless People Tormenting Compound. Why? Because they wanted to bulk up their empire. Why? Because Loaves & Fishes under the "leadership" of Libby Fernandez is wholly in the business of bureaucracy maintenance. It's a closed loop. A loopy closed loop that exists only to exist to exist. It's a bureaucracy to self feed that bureaucracy that is all that there is. It is a madhouse, a Looneyvillle run by crappy people.

The Loaves & Fishes Grand Wasters of Money spent over $1.5 million to build their fancy schmancy heavy-security new warehouse/Welcoming-Your-Donation Center/Administraitors' Offices & Spa.

So, what is to become of the abandoned warehouse in the very middle of the L&F Maul? It is to become a homeless shelter, very possibly.

But it won't have anything to do with crappo Loaves & Fishes. [Yea!] It is Mo Mohanna, owner of the abandoned warehouse, swooping in like a majestic big beautiful bird, who hopes to create the new shelter. He's a true Angel of Mercy.

At the end of an article in the Sac Bee a week ago, "Sacramento training program helps homeless women," is says this:
The ceremony [for women graduating from the Empowerment Program] was held in an empty warehouse decorated with crepe paper and clusters of violet and silver balloons. About 200 of the graduates' friends and family members attended.

Downtown businessman Moe Mohanna owns the warehouse and the building next door in which Women's Empowerment is housed. He also volunteers as a mentor in the program and described picking weeds out of his students' hair who had slept beside the American River before coming to class.

Mohanna has confidence in the program's participants. "If you get up, you wash your face in that cold river water, and you walk all the way here, you can do it," he said. He hopes to turn the warehouse into a homeless shelter this winter.
What a joy that Mohanna, a man of compassion, can mentor women in a space where, just across the street, women with hearts of basalt spin their webs of woe.

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