Sunday, June 12, 2011

There was no global flood

At the Union Gospel Mission, on rare occassions, a preacher will claim that there was quite literally a global flood as it says in the Book of Genesis [Genesis 7]. I believe it to be the case that the great majority of the preachers believe that the flood literally occurred and that it was worldwide.

I recall vividly a preacher claiming to have visited the Grand Canyon which for him was clear evidence of this Great Flood.

I don't remember ever in my life believing there had literally been this great worldwide flood. But, then, I wasn't raised in a Christian household. And, if the Great Flood ever came up in conversation, I couldn't imagine where all the water could have come from. I know that Christians believe "God can do anything," and use that phrase when something that defies a science-minded sensibility comes up.

Anyway, for the record, there never was literally a Great Worldwide Flood. It didn't happen. The geological evidence is absolute in showing there was no such thing.

It is of course possible, even likely, that there was a Great Flood, that engulfed a huge swatch of territory, and that inspired the story of Noah. But there was no flood that "took out" all of life such that the human race had to be re-vitalized through Noah and his family. It didn't happen; but that doesn't mean that the story is "false." It is, instead, an architypal myth, chockablock with meaning -- just not any literal meaning.

Sorry that the viddies below are kind of meanspirited here and there, but the science in them, I think, is fully valid.



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