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Loaf & Fish begins to fill its new building with stale pastries

With the Loaves & Fishes Warehouse and Welcoming-Your-Cash Center set to open on June 8, administrators at the facility have begun to fill some of the space at the heavily secured building with the stale pastries that are the mainstay of homeless people's breakfasts at L&F. The black bags, yet to be offloaded, that you can see in the armored van, have come from furtive 3am pick-ups from dumpsters at local Dunkin Donuts. Photograph from The Town.

This just inEerie, but not surprising. An anagram for "Loaves and Fishes" is "A Vessel of Danish," and decidedly NOT "A Vessel of God."

The new building has been built at a cost of $1.5 million as part of Loaves & Fishes' effort at "Empire Building." The building is being outfitted with all manner of security devises and, we are told, will function as a Welcoming Center, Warehouse and new, swanky office space for administraitors. During the time the building was in construction, homeless people in Sacramento suffered through one of the area's coldest and wettest winters, while funds for shelter had been cut by local government. Loaves & Fishes' mission statement tells us that they are supposed to exist to feed and shelter the homeless. Unhappily, the Board and administraitors at L&F have abundantly proved themselves to be pieces of crap. Loaves & Fishes did nothing beyond the usual pathetic minimum during winter for the homeless people it hides behind as it cons the public into handing over donations.


Nagarjuna said…
That's quite a photo! Did you take it with your special new camera--the one that reveals the stark truth behind the deceitful social masks?
Tom Armstrong said…
Yes, Nagarjuna. You are very perceptive. I downloaded the Superman X-Ray vision camera app at iTunes to reveal the TRUTH behind the Iron Curtain.

Amazing these 21st Century devises. A mere piece of programming is More Powerful than a Locomotive [not that my motives are loco] and and able to reveal what's going on in short buildings in a single bound!

Truth, Justice and the American Way may be able to endure even in the face of the Loaf & Fish!

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