Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Woe, the idiocy. Libby does it again.

Without giving notice to the homeless until the middle of this morning, Loaves & Fishes announced that it is cancelling many of its services, tomorrow, for a Staff Retreat for the purpose of discussing its mission.

Let me clue you in, Libby:  Your mission begins with offering services reliably.

It is fortunate for America that you bombed out of the Air Force or the security of the United States would be imperiled.

This happens over and over and over again.

Loaves & Fishes is not a legitimate organization; it is a whorehouse. A legitimate organization thinks of its customers or those it serves. It has a desire to satisfy the very people it is there for. It wants to do well and bring something of value to the world. Hmmm, come to think of it Loaves & Fishes is much much worse than any whorehouse.

I would need to catalogue all the idiocy that comes from Loaves & Fishes' Board of Directors and Administration, but I am concerned that it would be thicker than a 1960 Sears & Roebuck Catalog -- but let's begin with the building that Libby will let the curtain down on on June 8. A building that cost over $1.5 million to construct.

And, what will it be? A building that will aid the homeless? Why, no. Something like that wouldn'd adequately appeal to L&F vanity. It is described by L&F as the new Welcoming Center slash Administration Building slash Warehouse.

It's brand spanking new. And further removed from where the homeless are; well down the street, so senior staff will never need to see any homeless; for it is not the homeless who are welcomed at the L&F complex, but donors. Come, come all you rich and foolish donors. Open your wallets; give to Libby; and for God's sake don't ask any questions.

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