Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rise and Shine Street Fair

A handout that was given out Monday, announcing the fair. Click on the pic to enlarge it.
With only a few days' notice to the homeless public, the Union Gospel Mission put out word it will be hosting its annual street fair this coming Saturday.

I've attending the fair the last two years, and can tell y'all it is a fun, worthwhile event -- aimed toward getting us homeless and other poorish folk some things we need in a joyful, music-filled environment.

The street fair is not actually out on the street, which nowadays is rather heavy with traffic, but inside the mission's property which, by Saturday, will be transformed into a pretty "fair"-sized fairgrounds.

Judging by past years' fairs, the "fun, food, music, gifts and raffle" will be there in great abundance.  And, there will be a goodly crowd of fair-goers acoming (because those who have been to the fair before are very likely to come again).  So, come early [if you're smart] and be prepared for long (but fast-moving) lines and a good, satisfying time with lots to do and see.

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