Friday, November 12, 2010

More news on Mohanna's Women's Shelter

Somewhere in the large rectangular building, on the southside of No. C Street is where the new women's shelter has been constructed.  I 'believe' the shelter is in the area of the lower middle section.
The new women’s shelter, constructed by prominent downtown businessmen Mohammed "Mo" Mohanna is very very fine with nice counters, floors and proportions — way outdistancing merely adequate. I wrote about this a bit last month, site unseen, hopeful that it would quickly be approved for occupancy.

Now I learn, it’s not just close to the Loaves & Fishes mall, as reported in the October 21 issue of the Sacramento News & Review, it’s in the complex, unless the door to the shelter can be ‘out back,’ instead of in from the street on North C.

Loaves & Fishes claims control of North C Street on the stretch of pavement from Ahern west to a cul-de-sac abutting 12th Street. The new shelter is in the middle of that stretch of road, on the south side.

All of this has an ironic aspect. Right under L&F CEO Libby Fernandez’s nose a shelter has quietly been made ready, gratis, by a businessman with heart. Meantime, during a period of economic crisis and a with an especially cold-and-wet winter forthcoming, Loaves & Fishes has failed to add to shelter it could provide and is tasked to provide in its mission statement "feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless."

Instead, Loaves & Fishes is in the late stages of constructing a $1.7 million warehouse … for a soup kitchen — likely wasting lots of money while futilely attempting to add to its empire. More-efficient workplaces, with the added efficiencies of ever-improving technology, may make warehouses increasingly less necessary in America. Likely, the warehouse is the latest boondoggle by the Gang that Can’t Feed Straight.



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