Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Flier dispersal at City Hall

The Sacramento City Hall complex.  I handed out fliers in the area between the old and new buildings.
I passed out more Ugliness of SafeGround fliers at City Hall yesterday afternoon, in advance of the city's Workshop on Homelessness.

The fliers were those 'left over' after the handout of fliers at the Sacramento Community Homeless Forum two weeks ago.

Most of the fliers were given to employees of the City, including a couple council members and a few councilpeople's staff members.1 I was greeted happily by five people who were aware of my activities or this blog. One woman was effusive in telling me she agreed with the content of the flier.  Some fliers went to a very few homeless people who came by.  I did not offer a flier to any of about three people who were wearing SafeGround T-shirts.

Libby Fernandez, CEO of Loaves & Fishes, came by, accompanied by a man I didn't know. She said, "Tom, Do you have something for me to read?" and then added, without pausing, "I guess not" and spun on her heels, and walked toward the door, her hair bouncing pertly. She and the man set at a window near the door, far in front of which I was handing out the fliers. Shortly thereafter, a guard — likely the head of security — came out and asked for a flier. I gave him one. He was reading it as he walked back into the new building at the City Hall Complex.  Apparently, there was no problem; I didn't hear from the guard again.
1 I'm guessing; I wasn't able to clearly distinguish who was who except from knowing some faces [from viewing the City webspace and attending a few meetings] and by badges worn and how fancily dressed some folks were.

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