Friday, September 17, 2010

Bee submission

The Bee.
I've submitted an opinion piece to the Bee on a matter I consider to be of critical importance.  I don't want to tip off what its about since an unscrupulous nun tells me she "monitors" this blog.  [Big Sister is watching YOU!]

Will see if the Bee publishes what I wrote.  If not, I'll post what I wrote in this blog, of course.

UPDATE 9/24:  Based on the Bee's non-response response (in other words, they didn't write me back in a week's time, which is their way of telling folks who submit letters or opinion pieces that they won't or can't use the submission),  I did as promised and posted what I wrote in this here blog!  See "The county and city mustn't shirk their responsiblities to homeless citizens."



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