Friday, July 2, 2010

"Libby News in Sacramento" is being captured by fwix

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A news-gathering online source is now capturing "Libby News in Sacramento."  I find that it is of some uncomfortable interest to me that eight out of the thirteen stories on the first page of what the news-gathering site has captured are articles I've written for either Sacramento Homeless blog or Sacramento Press.  In all those stories, about Loaves & Fishes, I am likely to have mentioned L&F CEO Libby Fernandez.

Be aware that I certainly didn't put fxiw up to the task of "capturing" Libby.  [Really.  I DIDN'T, Libby.  I swear.  I know you're monitoring this.  Honest.  Please don't 86 me!  Don't reach for the God button on your desk.  Don't do it, Libby.  Please.]

The first page of the site even includes a map of Libby, which after some research I've determined to be a town in the Kootenai National Forest in the far northwest corner of Montana, near where Montana, Idaho and Canada butt heads. [If you think of Montana as being a buffalo facing west, Libby is next to the animal's frontal lobe.]

At right is a map I created of Libby, showing the Libby Shopping Center and Cemetery.  Friendship Park is curiously not visible.

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