Monday, July 19, 2010

Babies are gonna die! Babies are gonna die!

There's a concocted sense of panic at the Sacramento Loaves & Fishes website.

Be very scared!  Babies are going to die!

In a post titled "Urgent need!" - and, yes with an exclamation point! - we are told:
Just got word from the Directors at Maryhouse, our day shelter for women and children, that they are completely out of Baby Formula. They've been warning parents that we may not have any formula the next time they come in for some!

We are in desperate need of non-soy baby formula!

Donations can be brought to
Loaves & Fishes
1321 North C Street, Sacramento
M-F 7am to 245pm.
The blogpost is dated July 13 and is still up. Likely, there are dead babies, under shrouds, in the facility's cul-de-sac already!

Woe. It is too bad that nobody thought to spend just a little of Loaves & Fishes $2 million, in cash and temporary investments that's been accumulated in just the last few years1, on baby formula.

Instead, the KILLER PUBLIC! The fully EVIL CITIZENS of SACRAMENTO are BABY KILLERS!!!!!!! What a horrible thought. But how far worse, much much worst to suppose - gulp - that as a marketing strategy, Loaves & Fishes exaggerates need into crisis to extract money [usually, but, also things, too, like baby formula] from people's purses and wallets2. No, no, no. It can't be that.

It's funny3, Loaves and Fishes hosts meeting and events aimed at getting rid of capitalism in this country because, so they suggest, capitalism encourages bad behavior. It wants organizations to act more like it!? Is Loaves & Fishes the prototype for how an organization should behave in a capitalism-outlawed United States!?

Loaves & Fishes is significntly dysfunctional.  It seldom, and possibly never, gives warning such that any but a very small percentage of people who use its services know when it will close.  Its employees act as if that responsibility doesn't exist for them.  They ignore dead trees in the park, one of which fell, and in L&F executive Joan Burke's words, could easily have killed somebody.  They tell homeless people to lie to Census workers.  When homeless people get food poisoning, they cite Loaves & Fishes as the likely source.

ALSO, Loaves & Fishes can refer pregnant women or women of young children to WIC, the federal program that guarantees that fetuses and children are fed, but doing that might undermine the sense of Urgent Need! and, you know, undermine the L&F campaign to panic citizens into sending Loaves & Fishes money and stuff.
1 Loaves & Fishes raised $394,000 more than it spent in 2007; $1,155,000 more than it spent in 2008; and about $250,000 more than it spent in 2009.
2 Good point, pesky reader:  People seldom keep non-soy baby formula in their wallets.
3 Actually it is very seriously NOT funny.

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