Thursday, April 1, 2010

Roseville Sutter facility "dumps" homeless patients in Sacramanto.

A letter that seems clearly legitimate, published in the Roseville Press-Tribune yesterday, tells us that psychiatrists at the Sutter facility in Roseville have been sending homeless patients to Sacramento during the past twenty years, by bus.  The practice is referred to as "Greyhound Therapy," and is clearly a means of "dumping" the patients here to relieve the Sutter facility and Placer County the expense of properly caring for and providing for the people.

The letter was written by Roseville-resident Susan Lawson who tells us she used to work for Sutter in Roseville, but now works for Mercy in Sacramento. 

The letter ends with this sentiment which demonstrates Ms. Lawson's frustration, observance of hypocrisy, and keen compassion:
This is unethical, not to mention illegal. We are responsible for taking care of the homeless in our town. In probably the wealthiest area in greater Sacramento with more shopping centers and strip malls and of course, the almighty Galleria, it is shameful that we are doing this.

I have never seen so many people wearing diamond crosses in churches here claiming to be “Christian” but turning a blind eye to the problem. It is time to act. We need a shelter in our town. We need to care for “the least among us” as the Bible says.

Homeless people aren’t “pretty” and often don’t smell good, but they are human beings and we can do better.

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