Friday, April 30, 2010

City Manager's proposed budget released

The city has, with me having only 30 minutes computer time, announced its proposed budget for next year [July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011], in a 108 page document.

I don't really know what to look for, but the news is sort of that there's no news.  It's like the Sherlock Holmes story of the dog that didn't bark, where something that isn't there is the clue.

I did a search for "steps forward" and "homeless" and "homelessness" and nothing like that is there.  But a very quick perusal suggests that the budget just isn't that low level, giving the degree of detail -- even as long as it is -- to tell me if there are funds targetting the homeless.

Of course, it is THE COUNTY, and not THE CITY that has prime responsiblity for homeless issues.

So, sorry.  False alarm.  No news, here.



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