Friday, March 12, 2010

NCH Report on Pacific coast tent cities is a whale of a mess, Part I

The only notable thing about the ballyhoed 75-page report, "Tent Cities in America: A Pacific Coast Report" by the National Coalition for the Homeless is the blithering ineptitude of the research and writing.  The writing was probably done with Crayolas.

For example, here is the very first sentence in the report, from its Introduction,
The journalist Lisa Ling presented a special report for the Oprah Winfrey Show in March of 2009 focusing on Sacramento’s tent city along the American River, now known as Safe Ground.
What the hell!? Whether it is intended to say that the American River is now known as Safe Ground, or that Tent City is now known as Safe Ground, it is wrong in either case. The American River continues to flow as the American River, and short-lived, bygone Tent City ― which was also known as the Wasteland, particularly by those who lived there before the media circus ― is still known as Tent City (or the Wasteland). It has not been retroactively renamed Safe Ground, for crying out loud. But a renaming, apparently, is what the report determines has happened. A photograph in a section of the report all about Sacramento, titled "Safe Ground, Sacramento, California: / Formerly: American River Tent City," pictures a tent residence with a view of downtown Sacramento skyscrapers, dated 02/09/2009, with the caption: "Safe Ground encampment in Sacramento, CA."

Weird, weird, weird. But, then, regular readers of Sacramento Homeless blog are aware that Orwellian duckspeck [also known in communist terms as thought-terminating clichés] is a regular part of doing business for Safe Ground/SafeGround/safe ground and its associated wildly wacky far-far-Leftist Sac'to homeless-biz nonprofits. This strategy of confusion even extends to Orwellian/Stalinist-like rewrites of history, you gotta believe, since the NCH report cites SafeGround principles Joan Burke, Greg Bunker and Paula Lomazzi as "contacts," and the SafeGround website as the one and only "additional resource."

Even in the "In the News" section at the Safe Ground Sacramento website, it can be seen, from linked news reports, that in its heyday, and even after it was rousted into oblivion, Tent City was known as Tent City (or the Wasteland).

That SafeGround is Ground Zero of Communism in Sacramento is known, but I didn't know it was all so saturated with typical communist truth twisting. I have known that Loaves & Fishes can't make a appeal for donations without skewing the truth of things till it's unrecognizable, but I had thought that was from a revved-up feeling that their mission was so vital, gathering donations was of paramont importance. I can't think that now. I have to believe what has been obvious all along: This communist thing involves "end justifies the means" turpitude.

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