Friday, March 26, 2010

Loaves & Fishes and the 2010 Census, Act Two

Loaves & Fishes has now sent around a second flier relating to their interdiction into the private, personal responsiblities of homeless adult citizens to participate in the 2010 Census.

The new flier is the same as the prior day's flier [See yesterday's blogpost] except that the paper it's on is bright pink and the middle paragraph has been changed, allowing everyone who seeks lunch in the L&F soup kitchen to be served, rather than just those who have given data that morning to census workers at the L&F compound. BUT, punitively, those not cooperating with Loaves & Fishes' management of the census cannot be served their lunch until late — beginning at 12:30pm — and will not gain access to L&F's Friendship Park and its myriad services.

The new second paragraph, relating to census participation in the L&F cul-de-sac on Mar. 30, reads as follows:
On this date Friendship Park will be open only to those who participate, beginning at 7am.  Lunch tickets will be provided at 12:30 to those who choose not to participate.  Census staff will be set up in the cul-de-sac to assist you in completing the census.  It is our desire that every individual stand up and be counted.
A policy of restricted, denied and delayed services for homeless people who do not give fealty to L&F management remains in place.

The Big Mommyism of Loaves & Fishes is a reprehensible, ongoing problem.  People who have fallen out of their lives should not be denied the basic rights of other American citizens.  Indeed, homeless people should not be used as tools by Loaves & Fishes and the other far-far-Leftist, totalist homeless-aid nonprofits in Sacramento.

The regional Census Bureau for Sacramento, headquartered in Seattle, has been advised of the problems. It is greatly hoped they will intervene and block Loaves & Fishes management interference in the 2010 Census count.

Regular American citizens do not have a third-party sticking its nose in the personal, private business that is between them and their government. Here's a news flash: Homeless Sacramentans ARE regular American citizens. Get the hell out of the way, Loaves & Fishes.

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