Thursday, February 4, 2010

Loaves & Fishes was closed today, offering little forenotice of closure


Even though homeless people can have to walk long distances far out of their way to get there, Loaves & Fishes often closes for a day, or two, or three, without giving much in the way of notice to its denizen. It happened again today.

For the purpose of a staff retreat, Loaves & Fishes was closed.

Wouldn't you think that a staff retreat would be precisely the kind of thing for which notice to denizens could be given? should be given? I would think that. But no.

You have to wonder why Loaves & Fishes is even in the homeless-help business, its administrators being so negligent and being so seemingly naive of the challenges and frustrations of being homeless. Maybe they should change their focus from charity to the manufacture of cocktail dresses or somesuch.

Canning sardines, maybe?

Churning tutti frutti ice cream, you think?

Truly, I think Loaves & Fishes' mucky mucks only just like the concept of helping homeless people. The actual people themselves, they don't like much.

Maybe those administrators and bored board members should run the communist party. It's something they're interested in AND it's something, based on exhibited skills, they might put right out of business.

I was at Loaves until about 8:30AM yesterday and knew of no notice of closure.  It was only last night, at the Union Gospel Mission, that I learned that the L&F facility wouldn't open today.  Of course, they did serve lunch, as they do on every day except Thanksgivings, unfailingly.  But as to whether the rest of the programs at the compound will be open or will be closed on weekdays, you show up and have to take your chances.

It's a crapshoot.

Today, they were closed.



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