Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Starbucks was here! Starbucks was here!

Starbucks was at Loaves and Fishes this rainy, windy, dark cold morning. And by Starbucks I mean the delicious coffee, of course. And I mean people with the company, representing the company's cafés in our metropolitan region.

It is always nice and exciting when Starbucks is here.

As we waited in the cul-de-sac for the gate into Friendship Park to open, we watched as Starbucks employees, dressed in black, brought out their heavy filled dark-green urns and placed them on the stand where, on "normal" days, Pinkie would place a beige urn of L&F's usual daily brew.

Now, L&F's usual is not bad. It's hot and dark and liquid. But for whatever reason, the usual brew does not pack a wallop and lacks that robust deliciousness quality I so favor. It just doesn't jump into your brain and scream "HELLO IT'S MORNING!" like that Bucky Java.

Mmmmmm, Bucky Java.

And today ― Today! Wonderful today! ― was especially special! Bucky's star employees gave us all dandy insolated mugs to keep our fresh and tasty coffee hot in.

Some days are special for reasons that might not wow someone not homeless. Today was one such day.

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