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The Loaves & Fishes - Hammer & Sickle Connection

Below is content of a flier I will be handing out, Friday the 15th at about 6:30am, in the cul-de-sac where homeless people gather before going into Friendship Park [minus the L&F logo].




Written by Tom Armstrong of

In an article, "New Conditions Call for New Tactics," written by perhaps America's best-known communist, Nelson Peery, in the most-current edition [Nov&Dec09] of Rally Comrades!, a publication of the League of Revolutionaries for a New America [which is a renaming of what was once the Communist League], it says this:

It is now becoming clear to the advanced workers that in order to free themselves from the political clutches of their enemy they will have to stop "fighting the right" and throw their blow at the middle, the Democratic Party. It should be clear to all, that it is this middle, the Democratic Party, that ties the workers to their enemy and makes them politically impotent. More importantly, the destruction of the political and ideological middle is indispensable to polarization and transformation. Without this destruction, they remained tied by a thousand threads to the "right" and are incapable of fighting them.
On January 20, 2010, [the first anniversary of the Obama administration] members and supporters of the Sacramento Loaves & Fishes-nurtured organizations, SHOC [which stand for "Sacramento Homeless Organizing Committee," an integral part of SHA, the Sacramento Housing Alliance], Safe Ground and Homeless Leadership Project [which is part of SHOC], will be on hand at a mass rally in San Francisco to help deliver that hard left cross to the gut of the Democratic Party in support of their communist ideation: A revolution in America to overthrow capitalism, stoppage of technological progress, and guaranteed jobs for all.

The end justifies any means.

One thing that communism has going for it is its complete failure in every instance where it has been tried. It ALWAYS, ALWAYS fails. There are many reasons for its failure which brings on the terrible specter of totalitarianism and an utterly immoral police state. Some are these:

• By taking from those who can work and giving to those wholly according to need, ‘work’ is dis-incentivized. Most people’s desire to work comes from the fact that they’re paid, not because they are in love with their government’s philosophy.

• With capitalism outlawed, there are no markets for goods. With the government determining prices, some goods become over-abundant while others are in short supply. Without ready supply of its needs, industries have a hard time being able to continue to function. The economy struggles and is likely to completely collapse, as happened in the Soviet Union and in Eastern Europe.

• When functioning of government begins to fail, the proscribed "dictatorship of the people" wrests tight control in a spiral that ever-more denies people basic freedoms. Religions are typically outlawed as is any thinking that questions the decisions of the ruling elite. In the 20th Century, over 100 million people were summarily killed within communist countries.

• Morality goes out the door. Even the rag-tag communists of today, in the nonprofits that are supposed to be working to benefit homeless people in Sacramento, push communist ideology without identifying what they are doing. Cathleen "Cat" Williams [of SHOC & SHA], an attorney who does legal research for the Mark Merin organization, is a principal writer for People's Tribune, another of the League of Revolutionaries for a New America's publications. Paula Lomazzi of SHOC is also a contributor [though, likely, foolishly naive about what she's doing].

Check it out on the Internet!

At the homepage of WRAP [the Western Regional Advocacy Project] you will see "Homeless Leadership Project" and "SHOC/Safe Ground Sacramento" listed as Advocacy Endorsers of the Jan. 20 rally that WRAP is organizing. Using google, or another search engine, you can find Cathleen Williams articles in People’s Tribune; or, the publication Rally Comrades! You can read about the League of Revolutionaries for a New America or Nelson Peery in wikipedia


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