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John Kraintz at San Francisco protest on the first aniversary of the Obama Administration

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Video from the 1/20/2010 "homeless" protest in San Francisco on the first aniversary of the Obama Administration.  The protest was a tactic determined by Nelson Peery of the League of Revolutionaries for a New America to further communist goals to overthrow capitalism in the United States. [See Peery's piece in the Nov&Dec09 issue of Ralley, Comrades!] John Kraintz of Safe Ground is a speaker featured six minutes into the viddie.  He speaks for two minutes.

Here is what John [a fast learner of the populist politics of hate and division] says,
Hi, I'm John from Safe Ground Sacramento.  I came down here with a simple message, today. [starts screaming] YOU ARE THE LEADERS YOU'VE BEEN LOOKIN FOR.  REPEAT AFTER ME.  WE ARE THE LEADERS WE'VE BEEN LOOKIN FOR. [Crowd repeats the sentence.] C'MON, THEY'RE HARDLY HEARING DOWN THERE. WE GOTTA BE LOUDER. WE ARE THE LEADERS WE'VE BEEN LOOKIN FOR. [Crowd repeats the sentence.] You know they told us today we couldn't have a permit to go down to the Federal Building.  WHO THE HELL DO THEY THINK THEY ARE!?  THEY WORK FOR US; WE DON'T WORK FOR THEM.  WE ARE GOING TO GO DOWN THERE TODAY AND TELL OUR EMPLOYEES WHAT WE WANT THEM TO DO. AND WE BETTER SPEAK UP BECAUSE THESE PEOPLE they don't hear very well.  We've been talkin to 'em for decades, and THEY DON'T GET IT.  Maybe they don't hear so good; maybe they're a little slow.  So let's say it real simple and real slow.  WHAT DO WE WANT? [Crowd screams "housing."] AND WHEN DO WE WANT IT? [Crowd screams "now."]  WHAT DO WE WANT? [Crowd screams "housing."] AND WHEN DO WE WANT IT? [Crowd screams "now."] All right, today we've gathered under many different banners from many different places, but we came to speak with one voice.  THE PEOPLE. UNITED.  CANNOT BE DEFEATED.  [Crowd screams along with John as he repeats the mantra.]  THE PEOPLE. UNITED. CANNOT BE DEFEATED.  THE PEOPLE. UNITED. CANNOT BE DEFEATED. All right, we've been quiet for too long, so we gotta make up for lost time.  When we go down and talk to those people, today, let's go down and tell to our employees what they want us, what we want them to do.  All right?  And let's make sure they hear it.  Let's speak up.  LET'S GET DOWN THERE, AND TELL THEM WHAT HAS TO HAPPEN BEFORE THIS WHOLE COUNTRY GOES INTO THE TOILET.
BTW, Kraintz got the tagline "We Are The Leaders We've Been Looking For" from the same fount as came the title of an article in the August 2009 issue of the communist paper People's Tribune. The article in PT is "We Are The Leaders We've Been Waiting For."

In the January 2010 issue of People's Tribune, there is an article, titled "Anti-Communism Disarms our Movement." In it, the author, Sandy Perry, writes,
So is our movement really communist? The answer is yes and no, because it depends on what you mean by communism.

The literal dictionary definition of communism is a cooperative economic system based on common ownership, where wealth is distributed on the basis of human need rather than private profit. ...

Americans should not fear to criticize the failure of capitalism. It is already clear that it can no longer meet the needs of our people. The question is what new system for distributing our wealth will emerge, and will it provide for our basic necessities so we can survive? The important thing is to not let political and ideological differences get in the way of building a practical movement to win the power we need to shape our future.
Perry fails to mention that old-style Stalinists are behind the newspaper and the movement, and that the objectives of People's Tribune are minimally different from the horror of Soviet-style communism that has failed dozens of times and killed a hundred million people. Perry's "yes and no" communism has the same features of dis-incentivizing work and crushing freedom as its forebearers.


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