Friday, January 29, 2010

Article posted in Sacramento Press

My article "When you think of Loaves & Fishes, think of Joseph Stalin" has been posted to Sacramento Press.

... but, SP seems to have quickly taken the article down.

UPDATE 1/29, 4:45PM:

NEW, replacement article, "Communist nonprofits in Homeless World Sacramento," posted to Sacramento Press. SP is happy with it, hoping for interesting reader reactions.

UPDATE 1/30, 9:30AM:

Comments are jokey; SP doesn't promote article.

While I am mostly satified with what I wrote, I can see that the title I gave the article is a very poor choice and that I should have given the cream of what I had to say up-top. Instead, the piece is draggy reading for people who demand their information quick and to-the-point.

Oh well. A learning experience for me.

UPDATE 2/1, 9:15AM:

Eeha!  I am much heartened.  The article is gathering a long comment stream.  Some people understand what I am writing, while others assume that criticism of Safe Ground has to mean I'm a right-wing lacky.

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