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To the homeless citizens of Sacramento

This flier was one of two (the other one's here) I handed out at the safe ground rally at Caesar Chavez Park on Dec. 29. [Links have been added to aid readers of this blogpost.]

To Homeless Citizens of Sacramento:

You need to be made aware that efforts are ongoing to indoctrinate you into believing communist ideology and involve you in a "class struggle" to overthrow the United States government. [I kid you not!] Loaves & Fishes senior management and Board of Directors are more than passively aware of the effort; they are not blameless.

SHOC's so-called Homeless Leadership Project, with the safe ground movement that stems from it, is a central focus of the indoctrinating scheme. Both Paula Lomazzi and, more centrally, Mark Merin-organization attorney Cathleen "Cat" Williams, both with SHOC, write for People's Tribune, a publication that comes out in hardcopy and can be found online []. SHOC meetings, where Ms. Williams presides, are meant to lead you to believe her view of things, which are that revolution needs to occur in America; capitalism needs to be abandoned; jobs should be guaranteed for all; and that technological advancement must be suppressed.

People's Tribune, and another online publication, Rally, Comrade!, are publications associated with the League of Revolutionaries for a New America, a "disguised" modern-day communist group, an outgrowth of The Communist Party USA, which became The Communist Labor Party, which became The Communist League which transformed into the League of Revolutionaries in the 1980s. Nelson Peery is a leading long-time Communist connected with the League and both publications. You can read about him at

Communism is a morally bankrupt ideology that has been tried dozens of times in the world. It has always failed because it puts an end to freedom and disincentivizes work which then causes a spiral of poverty. Except for the few in power, people living in communist countries have miserable lieves. Walls are put up to keep people from fleeing to democratic countries. Those in power invariably create a totalitarian regime to keep from being overthrown. Over one hundred million innocent people were summarily murdered in communist countries in the 20th Century. It is a key lesson of the 20th Century THAT COMMUNISM MIGHT SOUND LIKE A GOOD THING TO SOME, BUT IT DOESN’T WORK! It NEVER works because it is oppressive and contrary to what can allow people and societies to thrive.

Tom Armstrong
Sacramento Homeless blog


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