Monday, December 28, 2009

Message from SacHo to the Boards of Directors of Loaves & Fishes and Francis House

While what is left of communism in the US is no more than a collection of posturers and grievancers who are as arrogant and thoughtless as communists have ever been, and while there is zero chance that America will become a communist country at any time while any current American is still alive, it remains wildly bizarre and worrisome that communist ideations are alive and thriving at the heart of some homeless-help agencies in Sacramento.

Following is the meat of an email I sent to the Directors of L&F and (thru Greg Bunker) Francis House earlier this month.  The complete text is posted here.  Very recently, I have learned that the newspaper that Cat Williams and Paula Lomazzi, both of SHOC, write for -- the People's Tribune -- is a publication of the Communist Labor Party of America (or, what little remains of it)[evidence: here, here & here]:
As much as we are on the same side on most issues, I am greatly concerned about the radical politics at the core of the Safe Ground movement, which appears to be the sole focus of SHOC, and plays a part in the administration and philosophy of Loaves & Fishes and Francis House.

In my humble opinion, it would not only be wise, but is a no-brainer, that ridding Loaves & Fishes (and Francis House, for that matter) of any association with communist politics would serve the best interests of Sacramento's homeless population and both those organizations.

Donors to L&F (and Francis House) have a right to know when money they give is going toward a fringe political movement they are likely to abhor.

With this very big fee SHOC will be getting for administrating claims payouts associated with the Lehr lawsuit, "wacky communist ideas" (as I would term them) have infiltrated Homeless World Sacramento to an ever greater extent.

L&F (and, separately, Francis House) should sit down and decide which is more important to you of the two efforts: (1) To aid and improve the lives of homeless people, or (2) To remain on the quixotic (and I would add: dunderheaded) quest of completely changing the United States into something similar to the failed Soviet Union.

The two efforts are at odds. Neither L&F nor F.H. will be 'protected' against public awareness of the toxic situation the two organizations have put themselves in, forever.

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