Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hey, Safe Ground! Don't you people know when you've been bought off!?

Hawthorn Suites of Sacramento: Where the homeless Safe Groundhogs laze around sipping Shirley Temples (not) and watching HBO.
Living the good life.
The core cadre of Safe Ground people spend their days lazing around on sofas, watching HBO in their Hawthorn Suites hotel rooms. Yes, life is sweet on the public dole. "Thanks, suckers!"

Followers of homeless matters in Sacramento may remember that on Nov 2 there was a press briefing outside City Hall where the mayor announced that the safe grounders had magnanimously agreed to abandoned their comfortable Loaves-&-Fishes-provided tents at a parcel on C Street for the miscomforts of dreary motel rooms.

Yes, instead of handcuffs and RCCC stays, these brave 'Soldiers for the Unfortunate' would, with great reluctance, forgo the pleasantries of sleeping on topsoil if that was necessary to further their cause to make life better for their undercaste brothers and sisters.

Showing great leadership, the safe grounders would be the first to suffer the degradations of winter shelter 2009-&-10. You know, winter shelter? Congers up memories of last year where dinner was always macaroni and oddly-miscolored broccoli stalks and going to the bathroom was a hundred-yard dash through the wintry rain.

And you know Safe Ground. In their meetings they refused to have anything to do with winter shelter since The Cause -- living free on God's bountiful dirt -- was the be-all, end-all.

But, tearfully, they would agree to compromise.

But let us fast-forward to today: Motel? Hell, no! Luxury accommodations? YeeeeeHa! Yep, being an insider [meaning both 'being indoors' and 'being connected to the leaders of the far-far-leftist-political org, Safe Ground Movement'] has its perks. Boy, howdy! Even Stalin never had it this good! Bring on the Winter Palace!

The Safe Groundhogs are living the life of Riley. But every once in a while, even they, for whom doing nothing is an occupation, must exercise their leadership muscles to stay in the Good Life and stir the liberal donation base of their sponsors to do that wallet-emptying thing. And so, slips have been handed out in Homeless World Sacramento that read as follows:



1 PM


housing not handcuffs

City Hall, terminus of the march/pilgrimage.
Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but the Safe Groundhogs aren't in direct threat of being handcuffed at the moment. I mean, sure, a nice house might be better than a $100/night hotel room in some respects, but it is hard at present time to work up too much sorrow for the Safe Groundhogs when they get to scrunch up their feather pillows in the morning and watch cartoons when they wake up at 11:30, while the rest of us awaken in the predawn cold to the tune of a clattering cowbell.

BTW, What the hell is this "pilgrimage"!!?  Pilgrimage implies a hajj, a sacred, respectful walk in homage of something virtuous.  Yet "housing not handcuffs" tells us it is a rally in protest.  But I guess any march for any confused purpose stirs the liberal base to give, give, give, write those checks, give.

Yes, the Safe Groundhogs need speedos for the summer.  Give.

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