Saturday, December 26, 2009

Families have begun moving into Mather cottages

Meeting a rather ambitious schedule, the Winter Shelter Task Force was able to make twelve bungalows at Mather Community Campus near Rancho Cordova habitable for families, five of whom will begin moving in today and tomorrow.  The residencies will provide a four-month stay for displaced families.

Volunteers the task force recruited, with additional help from HomeAid and Home Depot, rehabilitated the cottages last weekend, which were shortly thereafter OKed by building inspectors for habitation.

According to the Rancho Cordova Post, St. John's Shelter Program will be administering operations relating to the Mather bungalows.  Michele Steeb, Executive Director of St. John's, also heads up the Winter Shelter Task Force.

It is hoped that eventually all but one or two of the 35 cottages can be fixed and made ready to serve as transitional housing for families.

Additional information (and sources for this SacHo post):
Sac Bee article on 12/24: "Homeless women, kids to begin moving into Mather cottages."
Rancho Cordova Post on 12/24: "St. John’s Shelter to Provide Housing for Homeless at Mather Field."

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