Tuesday, December 8, 2009

CNN not quite right

In a roundup of weather accross the country, a CNN online report says this about Sacramento,
In Sacramento, California, it was snowy and 20 degrees ― unusually cold for this time of year, forecasters said. The city opened a shelter on Monday, and planned to leave it open until Wednesday evening.
Actually, the low this morning was 24 degrees and no snow within the city that I'm aware of. I heard there was a dusting of snow in Citrus Heights. And further east, sure, there was snow. But, hell yes, 24 degrees is unusually cold.

I don't know what CNN meant by a shelter opening on Monday. There were warming stations opened by Union Gospel mission, at the Delany Center, and at VOA's "A" Street shelter. People may have been allowed to sleep on the floor at the Delany Center. Is that what the reporter is referring to?



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