Saturday, November 14, 2009

Veterans Affairs Secretary Shinseki hopes to end veteran homelessness

According to a Veterans' Day post in WRAP BLOG:
General Shinseki has promised to galvanize the Department of Veterans Affairs to lead a national drive to end veteran homelessness in the next five years. Is that anywhere near possible? “Unless I put an ambitious target on the table, I don’t know how we’ll start,” the secretary told a forum of wounded veterans.

He has also pledged $3.2 billion to bolster housing, education, job and medical programs to help troubled veterans before they hit the streets. The new G.I. Bill, for example, offers tuition help, but the secretary says more immediate vocational training will also be available. Similarly, he promises more beds for transition programs, including those intended to help the 40,000 veterans released each year from prisons.
I don't know that ending homelessness, even for a deserving sector of the population, will ever be possible. The lowest caste of people will always be with us, as Jesus said, using somewhat different phrasing.

Also, I am leery of overly ambitious goals. Realizable goals are better, I think, because they can be realized. But it is good that Gen. Shinseki is greatly energized to reduce homelessness among veterans.

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