Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Little support for safe ground on city council, says the Bee

The Sacramento Bee tells us that safe ground, a legal homeless encampment, has little support on the city council.  Too, an in-the-know source told me Friday there is no one other than the mayor on the city council who is for legalizing a homeless encampment.

From Tuesday's Bee:
In coming weeks, the council is slated to discuss creation of a legal campground for the homeless, a proposal that has had little support on the council beyond the mayor.

After the homeless debate, the budget will take center stage, as council members grapple with where to make additional program cuts at the mid-year point. [SacHo note:  Mid-year for the budget comes on January 1.]

Councilman Ray Tretheway said friction among council members has diverted attention from important issues, including the failure to find "real-world solutions to the homeless problem."

Tretheway, who is running for re-election against two challengers, said it's not too late for the council to start getting along.

"The focus of the City Council needs to be on important issues, such as jobs and public safety and flood control," he said.
In today's Bee, we're told that Tretheway has determined he will not go along with the mayor's plan of reorganizing committees to punish those who were against putting his strong-mayor initiative on the ballot and rewarding those who voted to put the initiate on the ballot.

Rather curiously, in Sunday's California Forum section of the Bee, a boffo five pieces on "safe ground" were included.  It was an array of opinion, yet none opposed safe ground. The five opinion pieces were these [Ayers's op-ed was OK with safe ground, just not in his River District, where there are already a couple shelters]:
Generally, this barage of opinion pieces, without dissent on safe ground, would seem to move the Safe Ground Campaign forward.  But without support on the city council, any effort may be moot.  Plus, there's a lot working against Safe Ground that these opinion pieces don't address: For one thing, the radical politics at the core of the Safe Ground Movement [See the SacHo post "Far-left visionaries at 'Homeless Power Forum' hope to transform America [into Bulgaria?]."



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