Friday, October 30, 2009

Glitch in plans for shelter this winter could cut bed count by 105

The Bee is reporting that cottages at Mather, which, as part of the winter-shelter plan, were to house 105 people, including children, are in disrepair. The story tells us, "Rancho Cordova's economic development director, Curt Haven, said the 35 bungalows proposed to house homeless families have been vacant a long time and are 'uninhabitable,' requiring an estimated $150,000 in repairs."

If the story is true, a huge component of the plan to shelter homeless during the chilly season was done on the fly without gaining knowledge of the condition of stuctures included in the plan and without getting in touch with officials in the area.

According to information this blog received from a mayor's aid on Sep 21, the members of the task force were then

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