Saturday, September 26, 2009

Eight Laws of Social Change

My friend Bill, in his blog Integral Options Cafe, posted re The Eight Laws of Social Change, which I see as perhaps wise -- and very worth looking at here, with respect to efforts to improve conditions for homeless people.

The Safe Ground folks with their Campaign and Movement might consider these laws, and I should, too, with my effort, hoping to get homeless Sacramentans better service from homeless-help agencies in our city and county.

The Eight Laws come from Stephan A. Schwartz who, apparently, looked at the success the Quakers have had in delivering social change, and took from them factors that were causal for their success in the areas of abolition, public education, penal reform, women's sufferage, civil rights and environmental protection.

The "laws" are simple, and not expounded upon in Schwartz's powerpoint presentation, but ARE expounded upon at Spiritual Wiki, which I don't have access to.  Anyway.  For what it's worth:

Social Change requires wisdom, character, patience, and the willingness to forego any personal credit.
  1. Individuals (individually) and the group (collectively) share a common intention.
  2. Individuals and the group may have goals and cherish the potential outcomes.
  3. Individuals in the group authentically accept that their goal may not be reached in their lifetimes.
  4. Individuals in the group authentically accept that they may not get either credit or acknowledgment for what they have done.
  5. Each person in the group regardless of gender, religion, race, or culture enjoys fundamental equality while the various roles in the hierarchy of the effort are respected.
  6. Individuals in the group forswear violence in word, act or thought.
  7. Individuals in the group make their personal lives consistent with their public postures.
  8. Individuals (individually) and the group (collectively) always act from the beingness of integrity.

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