Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chances for expanded shelter this winter for homeless are not great

An article today at the KCRA3 website, "Mayor: No Money For Winter Shelters" tells us that Mayor Kevin Johnson may be glum about hopes for the manifestation of some sort of shelter this winter for the homeless.

The report tells us Johnson "said the city needs to stay 'on message' – that homeless issues need to be resolved through negotiation, not confrontation."

Currently, the city and so-call "homeless advocate agencies" – Loaves & Fishes, Francis House, and the tiny SHOC [Paula Lomazzi acting a committee of one under the title Sacramento Homeless Organizing Committee] – are in dispute re a settlement of Lehr v Sacramento, a case which would recompense homeless citizens for belongings that were comfiscated by city police and might decriminalize some activities that homeless people are now being cited for.

The mayor has recently voiced displeasure with the so-called Safe Ground illicit homeless encampment on C Street, near 13th, on property owned by liberal lawyer Mark Merin.  Johnson has said the campground was not helpful to his effort to establish a legal homeless encampment.

In the article, today, it says, "The mayor said he hopes by the next month to have three or five locations to discuss as possible" sites for legal homeless camps.

Word I've received from a mayor's aid is that "the Mayor is committed to finding a solution [to meet the need for shelter space this winter]." There is hope that there may be good news after the policy board meets next Thursday.

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