Wednesday, August 5, 2009

County's budget problems continue; more services cuts are sure to come

The Sacramento Bee reports today on Sacramento county's ever-worsening budget problems.

The county Chief Operating Officer Nav Gill issued a report to the county Supervisors Tuesday, telling them there is now a $50.5 million budget gap for the current fiscal year [7/1/09 to 6/30/10], up from $37.6 million, the estimate just a week earlier.

Gill told The Bee that the budget has been cut five times in the last 14 months and that there will be another in September. "We are not done," he said, "We've got even more cuts coming down."

Two short paragraphs from the story cite areas of budget cutting that will directly negatively impact the county's homeless community:
Among the hardest-hit areas of the local budget will be health and human services and other social services, county staff members told the board.

And the shortfall is expected to grow, yet again, once the full effects are known of the state's plan to divert funds from local governments to balance its own budget.

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