Monday, June 8, 2009

Loaves & Fishes bails on people it's, supposedly, there to serve, again!

If it were a business or a responsible charity or the leadership in North Korea its terrible conduct would be recognized as being so very very bad, the proletariat would storm the Winter Palace [or the site of the luxury retreat or below-ground bunker] and throw the bums* out!!

AGAIN. YET AGAIN. The idlers known as Loaves & Fishes management have closed their facility with greatly-inadequate notice so they can pitch a game of horse shoes ... or whatever.

At approximately 8:30 this morning, the wastrels that are admin put up handmade notices that the facilities will be closed tomorrow, Tuesday. No park; no wash house; and who knows what no-this or no-that else. Another organization retreat was the reason given.

Donors and potential donors, take heed. Irresponsible, incompasionate and unwise children are in charge of the fairgrounds.
* by "bums" I mean "persons who avoid work and sponge on others; loafers; idlers," and decidedly NOT homeless people.

Update: The following email was sent to the approximately 15 members of the Board of Directors of Loaves & Fishes this afternoon:

Dear L&F Board of Directors,

I will perhaps never understand why Loaves & Fishes management, and at this point I would have to include its seeming non-engaged Board, continues to treat so shabbily those it is, supposedly, there to serve.

At 8:30, after many who depend on L&F's morning services had left, handwritten announcements were posted in the park and at the L&F facility announcing the closure of the facility tomorrow.

It seems clearly unappreciated by you all that MANY homeless people are struggling to get their lives together and, as part of that, need to ready themselves for what work they can pull together.

Many men have gained recent or unsteady or part-time employment and cannot easily show up for work late or unready or shabbily attired. They are struggling to get a foothold on a job or in a better life. Loaves & Fishes ought to want to help these man, many of whom have families they are needing to support.

I wish Loaves & Fishes would pull together an understanding of what it wants its role in Sacramento to be. It would be a breeze of fresh air if Loaves & Fishes started to act with compassion and wisdom that has been so profoundly lacking.

You dare to try to shame the county. Shame on YOU people; you are greatly unworthy of the homeless people who have the misfortune of being dependent on your services.


Tom Armstrong



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